Once you have listened in on all the exciting things that take place in Ambridge, you would get forgiven for thinking that it exists. While Ambridge may not exist in the real world, save for a borough as well as an unincorporated community in the US, the activities that take place here relate to those in our daily lives. Here is a breakdown of this exciting region.

Ambridge is a fictional village set in a fictional county, Borsetshire in England. Many people feel that the inspiration behind its setting lies in Cutnall Green and there are also other claims that it borrows heavily from other places such as Hansbury and Inkberrow. There are other fictional villages in the setting which include but are not limited to Edgeley, Lakey Green, Darrington, and Penny Hassett. The village comprises a ton of establishments.

For one, there is the Arkwright Hall. This Victorian-style mansion oozes a 17th-century atmosphere that makes it appealing to the masses. In the beginning, it served as a community centre with a field studies centre and a soundproof room. Owing to the lack of maintenance through the years, it fell into a state of disrepair. But this was not to last as Jack Woolley leased it to the Landmark Trust and Lewis Carmichael took charge of the repairs, thus restoring the beauty.

The fictional village Ambridge
The fields of Ambridge

Bridge Farm has been through its fair share of developments. Initially, it was in Berrow Estate but has since changed location. The 68-hectare farm is now in the hands of Tony and Pat Archer. They decided to dedicate their hard work to organic farming in the eighties, following a visit to an organic farm. After that, they began to produce sausages before they sold their dairy herd and opted to buy organic milk.

Brookfield farm is quite large, sprawling over one hundred and ninety acres. It was initially in the care of Dan Archer who passed it on to his son Phil. Phil later retired, leaving the farm to David who now practices mixed farming on the land.

Grange farm was in the hands of the Grundys before their eviction owing to bankruptcy. Oliver took over the farm and employed young Grundy to care for the cows. He later entrusted him with running the farm.

Grange farm is not the only property that the Sterlings bought. They also took over the Grey Gables which was once a country club, and they developed it into a luxurious hotel. It boasts of a golf course, health club, spa, pool, and other amenities. Ian works at the hotel as a head chef.

Home farm measures all of 778 hectares and is so far the largest farm in the village. Its owners are free to try out different kinds of farming owing to its extensive size, and they have recently taken to farming deer and soft fruit.

The golf course of the luxurious hotel in Ambridge.

The only pub in Ambridge - The Bull

The Lower Loxley hall is a large country house which the residents use mainly for conferences. Other events such as weddings also take place here.

The Bull is the only pub in the village and residents often hold events here. It was during one such karaoke night that River Am burst its banks, wreaking havoc in the village.

St Stephens Church, the Willow Farm, and the post office are other notable features in this village. Tune in to BBC 4 to learn more about this lovely village and its lovely characters.